Thursday, January 28, 2016

motivational interviewing

[An obese pediatric patient around eight years old and his mother are at a pediatric weight management clinic. They enter the office of the clinic’s registered dietitian.]

RD: Nice to meet you both, please have a seat. Thank you for coming in today. In this part of the visit we will discuss food and nutrition, but before we begin I want to have a better idea of why you think you’re here. So, in your own words, what brings you to the clinic today?

Patient [with some hesitation]: Because I’m bigger than the other kids.

RD: Actually, you’re here because the sovereign, or in our case the government, has replaced punishment with discipline, primarily through its use of biopower. What this means is that the government is going to do everything in its power to maximize your utility – your ability to make money essentially – by expanding the number of years you are healthy, which really means useful. So, what grade are you in?

Patient: Uh, 4th grade.